A better way to manage your knowledge

The faliue of taking notes

Everyone knows, if there’s something you don’t want to forget, you write it down somewhere. When you have more things to remember, you start to need a tool to write things more easily, then you get notebooks. And when thing keep growing, it’s easy to become messy, then you start to orgnize the notes, which is time consuming and you have to do it repeatedly once in a while, so you want it to be automatic, and among all those things you have wrote down, it’s also difficult to know where to find, when to continue, which should do first, what you have left behind, to know those things, you need another notebook for that, and finally, all the efforts are too hard to maintain and the notes will be abandoned.

Manage your knowlege

The reason of the notes fail to work is not about notes, they have great value, what fails is lacking of efficient ways to connect and keep orgnizing the contents of them, knowlege itself is useless, unless then can be easily found, updated and extended when they needed.

A flow to run your thoughts

Think about this, what if there is an assistant, who knows everything in your notes, whatever you want to do, you can just ask him to get it for you, if something you don’t remember, you ask him, when want to pick up the work you left earlier, he brings to you, knowing which one is more important, when you have an idea, just talk to him know, then ask hom later, tell him to organize the contents of notes from time to time, all those things working together, becomes a system, and to summerize it to a simple pattern of managing your knowlege, that’s the flow I want to introduce to you, a pattern to maintain your knowlege in the form of notes.

In this flow, things can be categorised into 3 parts: ** Materials ** ** Tasks ** and ** Editing **

The flow

  • Materials

Everything in your notes begin with an simple idea, which can be from anywhere, in any form.

  • Tasks

Time is a line, but life is not. You don’t work on one note, finish it, and never open it again, instead you normally make a plan, add something here, and they do it another time.

  • Editing

Everything will be in the form of notes, and notes live inside an text editor. What’s importand is, the editor have to work well with the other two parts, otherwise there’s no foundamental difference with just an text editor.

Each of the three parts have their own purpose, working in different scenarios, also working together to complete the whole process.

Materials inventory

A place to keep everything that not yet put into any note, which can be anything, maybe a picture you find interesting in other app, a movie clip, some wisdom words, a place you want to remember, or simply something you tall to yourself, the key to this inventory is to hold anything that might be valuable, to achive that, it must be:

  • Able to keep as many type of information as possible

  • Add new items as easy as possible

  • Support as many methods to add new items as possible

With this in mind, Nebula has designed to simplify every posible way to be able to gather information and keep them from the begining.

In order to keep ideas more easy and thourough, Nebula now support image, audio, video, sketch, link, text, location as data source, and will extend for more.

To catch ideas, you can directly use the function build in for each type of source, and also can easily share from other apps, like system album, any browser you like, audio and video app, indeed any app that can share its content, even take a screenshot, can be easily share to Nebula.

Inside Nebula, they are categoried with type, ordered by date to help you check your new ideas. By checking those new gathered materials priorly will be a very good chance to refresh memory and organize the work.


A great way of collecting materials in Nebula is by capture from other apps, any app that shares almost anything, can be captured by Nebula


Task management

As we discussed earlier, normally you get things planed, and then just move forward nice and easy.

The good thing is, in Nenula making plan is rooted inside your note’s content, so you don’t have do it on purpose. Their are many tools work together to help you mange your task progress, ** Agenda ** to show you the arrangements by considering the statis, time and priority, ** Kanban ** to manage the whole picture of the current tasks, and ** Agenda Shortcut ** let you focus on one group of tasks. With the deep understanding of your contents, all all those tools are working automatically, you just write you things in your note, and they will do the rest, how good is that!


Nebula text editor

We have materials and task management nicely handled, finally the most important part, the text editor. Nebula has an editor have many great features to help you be more expressive, more comfortable.

The editor organize paragraphs as ** Outlines **, which help you understand the hierachy of your document better, every paragraph is foldable and nestable, with the handy functions such as ** Fold others **, even very large documents still very effecient. Attachments enrich the depth of a note greatly, so Nebula tired very hard to support as many kinds of them as possible, image, audio, video, links, map locations, sketchs all can be inserted and work directly inside the editor. With ** text decoration ** give your contents more character, ** list ** and ** check box ** provide more ways to organize the contents, and ** Double side document link ** connect your documents together like the way your brain works, once a link is created, it works both ways. Nebula goes one step further than normal document links, you can even link to a paragraph. Nebula guarantees the link will not break if you changed the name of the document or the paragraph, or move them around.

In the end

I used to take notes a lot, but they soon out of control, I really hope Nebula can help you, like it has helped me, getting my note so organized, and more importantly, help me happily and easily build and maintain my personal knowledge center.