Capture and manage ideas and materials

Capture everything

It is common that every now and then, you get some inspiration from a picture, a song, or a few words jump into your head, some times you can remember it, but more likely you will just forget it and never recall again.

This is a waste, you should know that sparkle of inspiration could grow into a new world, even through most of them just ideas, but could be useful, that’s why we have Capture function.

Capture function is a big part in Nebula note, in order to let you be able to capture anything at anytime, we’ve made capture available on every page in Nebula note, and supports as many types as possible.

Accessing capture function

There are two ways in Nebula note to capture something.

  1. Capture button
    At the same place, in every page, you can fine this capture button, floating above everything

  1. Editor menu
    The only exception is in editor page, because the floating button could may block keyboard, so in the editor, the capture button is hidden, the entry of capture function is in action menu on to top right.

  1. Share from other apps
    Because Nebula note can handle several types of attachments, that means you can add these types of attachments, to make full use of this power, you can share those types of resources from other apps, which means, nearly anything on your phone, could be an idea source to Nebula note, that you can add into your document as attachment.

Take the photo library for example:

When you tap the share button

Then choose Nebula note from the list.


Then hit Post

Then that pic is captured by Nebula note, it’s that simple.

Manage captured ideas

When you have captured some ideas, you can check them from Captured ideas tab on the left.

Here you can find your attachments by category.

Use an captured idea


The most convenient way to use an captured idea, is to refile from the Captured ideas view

Tapping the Refile action from the image action button.

Choose a document to add that attachment into, and choose a location to insert it.

Then you can work on another idea.

Add from editor

If you are editing a document, you can also select one idea from action bar, choose one idea, and add it into you document.

Thats for the Capture function, if there’s anything you want to ask, please leave a message below.!

Hi , I just wonder what’s the philosophy behind in the disabled editing function of ideas, a little inconvenient compared to the emacs, but it forces me to tidy my ideas up in this way

Because the ideas are supposed to be small and fast recorded information, compare to notes, it’s more like some kind of draft or ‘to be used’ in the future materials, so normally it fits better in a context, modify it more properly when you refile it into your note.

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