Change log


Version 1.2.8

  • add favorite function
  • update icons in app
  • fix some issue that causes unexpected folding behavior

Version 1.2.7

fix folding issues
add ‘fold other’ function
add remove tab/others
move outline from 2nd level menu to 1st level on iOS version
add hover effect on macOS and iPad version

Version 1.2.2

New feature

  • Add keyboard binding

Bug fix and improvements

  • Add refresh button in select idea view, now you can directly use any new idea from other apps without closing editor
  • Fix conflict when idea syncing
  • Fix attachment manager can’t select multiple items on macOS version
  • Fix scrolling will change the selection range issue
  • Other small fixes

Version 1.2

New feature

  • Link to other documents
  • Adding link now brings the selected text as the default title
  • Now creating blocks, will bring selected text into them
  • Now picking image is able to add from files

Bug fix and improvements

  • Sometimes the file can not be deleted
  • renaming and deleting file now will update the macOS version tabs correctly
  • fix unneeded reload request when writing
  • fix the confirming UI layout
  • fix the UI for creating a link
  • fix some animation glitch
  • fix video capture UI

Version 1.1

Add macOS version support