Function list


Nebula is a professional, comfortable-to-use editor, provides functions like basic text editing, rich text marks, insert multiple types of attachments, etc. And many more to be added.

Text marks

Supports Bold, Underscore, Italic, and Highlight effects.


  • Image
  • Sketch
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Location
  • Link

Capture ideas

Inspiration ideas other than text, will be inserted as attachments.

Paragraph management

Paragraph can attach tag, status and priority to them, those are tools to help do task management and organize your contents.
And you can use move paragraph to rearrange you contents, or modify the level of the paragraph.


Organize paragraphs with tags.


To indicate the work progress of the whatever you want to add to the paragraph, and also control if the paragraph shows in Agenda.


Priority will affect the position of paragraph in Agenda, higher priority will show before lower priority.


You can export document as /HTML/, /TXT/, /PDF/, /JPG/ files.


Any paragraph containing characters below the heading can be folded.


Move paragraph heading

When you move at paragraph heading, you are moving the whole paragraph.

  1. Move left and right to modify the level of the paragraph.
  2. Move up and down to adjust the order of the same level paragraphs.

Paragraph content

When moving at paragraph content, you are moving the current line of text.

  1. Move left and right to decrease and increase indent.
  2. Move up and down to switch position the line right above or below.

Organize paragraphs

You can move a paragraph to another paragraph, as its subparagraph, or move to beginning/ending of the document, and keeping the paragraph level, and the move can be inside one documents, or to another document.

Capture inspiration

Inside Nebula

You access Capture inspiration on every page inside Nebula. When you are editing a document, you can find it by tapping the action button, other places, the button is floating at bottom right bottom of the screen.

Share to Nebula

Any app that can share content, can share to Nebula, and kept in Captured ideas


When you are managing the captured ideas, you can choose a place, then move that idea to the place of document you choose.

Agenda management

Contents of documents can be managed on Agenda.


In documents, you can add Date and time, or Statue to paragraph. those paragraphs will be shown on Agenda

Content management

Agenda shortcut

According to tags, status, date and time to categorize and fast access contents of your documents.


Collection your paragraphs with status assigned, and manage them easily.


Each document can create subdocuments.

Move documents

You can move document to another document as it subdocument, or move to top folder, to become top-level document.


You can choose an image as the cover of a document.


Make a copy of the chosen document.


Import other file into Nebula, use its content to create a new document, now we support org file. if you want to import a org file to Nebula, you can open it with Nebula, or share to Nebula.

iCloud synchronize

Save you document on iCloud, then it will synchronize across all your devices, free of charge.