How to use the text editor

Text editor is the playground you work mostly. Nebula note document is text based, everything including agenda, captured ideas, will all be saved into documents as text, with help of marked syntax, which you can type by your hand, or normally just use the editor build in interactive UI, you can create a beautiful rich text document.

Rich text content

The reason Nebula choose a marked syntax to write the document, is the ability to render as rich text content, the meaning of Rich text is, you can add different type of fonts styles to decorate plain text, and you can add format tools like list, ordered list, some interactive tool like checkbox, or multi-media attachments such as image, sketch, audio, video, location, or special formatted text like quote or source code, and what won’t be missing it link.

And that is not all, because Nebula is still growing, in the future, more types will be supported, such as table, formula, foot note, document link, etc.

Plan you work

You might know another famous marked syntax format as Mark down, which is basically the standard rich text editing now, so you might wonder why is Nebula didn’t choose Mark down as its document format.

The reason is, Mark down missing something that Nebula wants to provide, in fact, the document format that Nebula note using, is not something new, but a very famous format called Org used by the famous emacs mode Org Mode, while keeping simplicity of rich content editing, it also gives the document ability to make plan of your work, inside the document.

To plan your work, you can do two things: Status and Date and time

  • Add Status to the heading entry
    There are two type of Status: one is Finished, another is Unfinished, for finished status, there are two default status to use: DONE and CANCELED, for unfinished status, there’s one default status to use TODO.

You can create customized status if you what.

Once you add a status to a heading, this heading will be monitored by agenda.

  • Add Date and time under the heading
    Any text under a heading, along with that heading, above another heading, are considered a section, the contents under heading in that section is the section body.

If you add a date and time to the section body, that section will be monitored by agenda, please check here for more about date and time

Action bar

Every action you needed while editing, you can find them on the action bar, above keyboard, for conveniency purpose, that actions on the action bar, are divided into several parts:

Section actions


Section actions button, can perform general actions relate to the whole section, including move the whole section around, inside or move to another document, which is a great feature to manage your work.


Section heading actions, those actions will affect the whole section, meaning, you don’t have to be at the section heading line, you cursor can at any place inside a section, will also affect that section.


contains what you can add to sections headings.

image Heading action: if you are at a blank line, this button will create a new heading entry, if you are at a heading, you can convert to plain text, and vice verse.

image Status action: you can add or edit, or remove status for current section.


image Tags action: you can add, modify, and remove tags for the current section.


image Priority action: you can add, update or remove the priority for the current section.


Text decorations

you can add bold, italic, underscore, strike through and highlight to your text.


Undo and redo


Move the cursor around

It is useful if you want to precisely move your cursor.


Move contents


This four actions have different function when your cursor at different locations:

  • When cursor at section heading
    move left or right will increase or decrease the level for a section.
    move up or down will move the section switch with the save level section above or below it.

  • When cursor at section body
    move left or right will add or remove a tab at the beginning or the current line.
    move up or down will switch with the line above or below it, in the same section body.

Insert components

You can add several components into you document, including separator, source code, quote, checkbox, date and time, unordered list, ordered list.




image : Insert attachment from Captured ideas, if the idea is text, it will just insert text, if not, will add attachment.

And you can insert this 6 types of attachments: image, sketch, link, location, audio, and video.

More to come in the future.

In text interaction

So that all for the actions you can perform on the action bar, but that not all for what you can interact with you document.

  • Fold and Unfold
  • Link
  • Checkbox
  • Status
  • Tags
  • Priority
  • Attachments

Those components can be tapped and interact directly.

Please try yourself, and if there’s any problem, please leave a message below.