Manage your documents

Organize of documents

Documents in x3 note can be nested, that means you can add child documents to a document, this is like a folder, unless the folder it self is also a document.

Create new document

There are two ways to create a document

  1. Create document at current place

Use the circle create button, can create a new document at the current place.

  1. Create a sub document

Choose the New sub Document button from the action button (from actions list by tap on image action button), a new document will be created under that document:

Actions on a document

Here is the actions you can perform on a document.


New Sub Document

Create a document as child of the selected document.


Change the name of a document. Be aware, the same name can’t be named under the same document.

Move to

You can use this action to move your document to other place.


The one at top with the name \ mean the top level document, those name grayed out mean the location you can’t use, that the parent document and the document itself, any one you chosen, will be the parent of the selected document.


Create a copy of the selected document

Edit cover

Every document can have a cover, you can choose an image from you photo library.


You can choose a way to export the document, and share to others.


More methods will be added in the future.