Share to Nebula enhancements

  1. Text:
  • option to paste preserving text formatting
  • paste inline urls like a clickable links
  • paste inline images as embedded images (when this feature will be implemented)
  1. Links:
  • option to paste links as oembed

Not sure I understand this one correctly

1 and 2. like from markdown, or html?
3. I like this idea, thanks.

yes it will be great to have that in the document, and also better look for other attachments too, thanks.

Here it is. Just for example:

Here is the source:

Here is what I see if I paste and copy this text to, say, TextEdit:

And here is what I see if I Refile this in x3Note:

Sometimes it’s OK, but sometimes you want to preserve formatting, like this:

So, I suggest to have an option to Refile from Ideas preserving format. If there were URLs in source text, they should be Refiled in [[url][name]] format. If there were inline images in the source, they should be pasted as ‘online images’, or, maybe, as attachments?

Your thoughts?

Make perfect sense, thanks.