Start writing

Start Writing

Nebula use Markdown like syntax,supports rich text marks, list, checkbox, quote block, code block, multiple types of attachments.


Text under a heading belong to a paragraph.

It’s a good habit to put contents into paragraphs, because paragraph have tags, status, priority, schedule agenda against it, you can move paragraph around as a whole, and you can also fold a paragraph etc.

Text above any heading is free text, it’s totally ok to use free text.

The content of Nebula is text based, you can drag file around in files folder.

Use Heading button to create a new title, which is one of the most used button, the icon of title button is a Capital H.


If there’s any character under a heading, you can fold it and only show the heading.


Supports picture, audio, video, link, location, sketch as attachments.

Capture inspirations

We put inspirations as attachments in Nebula, you can capture those ideas at anytime, in any form, manage them later, and use them when needed.

Capture, check them later

While using Nebula,a capture button is always accessible in your current view when you are editing, it’s in the actions button, in another view, it’s at the bottom right corner.

Inspiration ideas are categorized on kept in the captured ideas.

Share to Nebula

When using any other app that have a share button, can share to x3 note, and the item shared can be find in the Captured ideas in x3 note.

Arrange agenda

On any paragraph, by adding Status or Date and time, will make this paragraph managed by agenda, will be shown on the Agenda view, and multiple shortcuts below Agenda tab at left.


There are two different kinds of status, Finished and Unfinished.

Each kind of status can have different names, to indicate the current status that paragraph is in. for example, TODO is the system provide status, which belongs to **Unfinished ** kind, and Done and CANCELED are two Finished status, indicate the status is finished.

Date and time

There are three different type of date and times.

  1. Specific date

Only on the specific day, that paragraph will be shown on agenda.

  1. Start date

When near to start date, agenda will show that paragraph, and if its status is not finished, it will stay on the agenda.

  1. Due date

Like start date, it will show when the due day is near, and will stay on agenda, if the status is not finished.


Priority will affect the position on agenda list, higher position, will be shown before lower priority items.

Organize contents

Sub document

Every document can have unlimited levels of sub documents, you can use this to organize you documents in categories, and you can also move document around, if you want to modify the position of you documents.


Inside document, you can use Tags to categorize paragraphs. Every paragraph can be assigned to multiple tags, and sub paragraph will automatically contain its parent paragraph’s tags.


  • Documents can be moved to other documents.

  • Paragraphs and be move to other paragraphs as sub paragraphs, in or between documents.

Save to iCloud

You can save your files locally, or save to iCloud, this is the recommended approach of Apple, which ca take advantage the system features, to make you content more safe, and convenient.