Understand section heading entry

A section heading entry is the heading of a section in your document.

In Nebula note, contents of a document is organized with multiple sections, each section have a heading, which is also an entry to access that section, under each entry you can add whatever you want as its section body, including other sections, as its children section.

For example:

* Chapter one
Contents of the first section

* Chapter two
Contents of the second section

** Note of Chapter two
This is the content of section 2.2

As you can see from the example, there are 3 Chapters in this document, two top level heading entries: * Chapter one and * Chapter two, and one level 2 heading entry ** Note of Chapter two, which is a child heading entry of * Chapter two.

(the star mark * is used to indicate that line is a heading entry, the number of stars means level of that entry, for example, 2 level entry is a child of 1 level entry above it, when editing with Nebula note editor, you don’t need to care about it. you can check other marks here)

Nebula editor, sections can be folded and unfolded: