Use agenda to manage your work

Agenda is the place where you focus on what you are going to do on that day.

All headings will be listed on the agenda view where Status is type of Unfinished, or current Date and Time will be shown.

For example, if you have a heading with a TODO status, this heading will be listed on agenda every day. However, if you specify a date and time for it, it will be shown on the date you have specified.


Rules for showing entries (headings) on the agenda:

  1. If Date and Time is specified, all entries (headings) matched with the specified date will be shown.
    If the type of the Date and Time is Schedule or Due, the entries (headings) for that date will be shown on the agenda two days before the specified date, with the number of remaining days before it starts or is due, until its status is marked as Completed.

If the Date and Time specified, the entries (headings) will be visible on that specified day only.

  1. Entries (headings) with a status that is not Finished
    If you have set a date and time for a heading, it will be shown according to Rule 1, unless the status is Finished

If there’s no date and time under that heading, it will stay on the agenda every day.

That’s all for the agenda view, it will help you to organize your work from the text that you have input.

Beside the agenda view, there are some shortcuts to help you access your heading entries more easily. Those shortcuts are below the Agenda tab on the left side and they will appear once there’s item to show.

Those shortcuts include:

  • Tags
  • Status
  • Start soon
  • Due soon
  • Today
  • Overdue
  • Started

By adding status, tags to heading, and add date and time to your paragraph under heading, x3 note can category your document contents in a more natural way.