Welcome to Nebula


Nebula is a combination of text editor, task management, and idea capture, the meaning of Combination is not only simply add those function together, in stead of that, Nebula has carefully pick this functions and designed how the make these functions work together in a natural and intuitive manner, to maximize user’s productivity and minimize the efforts.

Nebula supports from macOS to iPhone, works seamlessly backed by the power of iCloud.

Great editor

Nebula has a great text editor, pure text based, using simple outline format, mark-up syntax, supports multiple types of attachments, text decorations, quotes, codes, text folding/unfolding, everything you need for a professional text editor.

Make plans without leave your context

You can add tags, status, date and time to your contents, and Nebula will pick them up, generate an agenda for you to help you have a big picture of your works, and further more, Nebula will automatically categorize the tasks, all you need to do is write something in your note, and let Nebula do the rest, you can choose what to continue and fast access on the agenda and categories.

Don’t miss anything, big or small

Some times, I get a really good idea about something, thought I could build something about it, so I decide to work on this idea when I got time. Guess what, I totally forget about to work on this idea, not to mention the idea itself.

With the help of Nebula, it won’t happen again, just share anything from any app on you phone, or mac, or iPad, share to Nebula, later when you need them, they will be there for you.